Modern technologies of virtual reality have given the opportunity to bring even the most daring fantasies in computer games. One of the basic requirements for any game – whether historical or fantastic strategy, arcade racing, shooter, role-playing and multiplayer game is decoration. Among the official wallpapers in this section, you will find fan arts and developers sketches.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Bully: Anniversary Edition
Anthem Photos
Apb Pictures
Aperture Science In High Resolution
Aperture Science
Anno 1404 Tumblr
Anno 1404
Picture Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer
Beyond Good Evil 2 Tumblr
Beyond Good Evil 2
Battle Chasers Nightwar Computer Wallpaper
Battle Chasers Nightwar
Bard Wallpaper
Assassin's Creed Origins For Desktop
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Asphalt High Quality Wallpapers
Banjo Kazooie Pictures
Banjo Kazooie
Bioshock HD Background
Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night High Definition Wallpapers
Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night
Blizzard Images
Black Mesa Source In High Resolution
Black Mesa Source
Borderlands 2 Wallpaper Pack
Borderlands 2
Blood Bowl High Quality Wallpapers
Blood Bowl
Blade And Soul Tumblr
Blade And Soul
Blacklight Wallpaper
Borderlands Wallpaper Pack
Black Desert Desktop
Black Desert